State Inspection

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Lehigh Fleet Services is a licensed inspection station that can perform safety and emissions inspections on your vehicle. In Northampton County, safety and emissions inspections are required annually by law to keep vehicles safely on the road.

Also, newly purchased cars and cars transferring into PA from another state have 10 days to have a vehicle inspection. You can count on us to perform a thorough state inspection to make sure your car meets all safety requirements.

PA Safety Inspection

The PA safety inspection is all about making sure your vehicle is safe on the road. During your safety inspection, we focus on the exterior and interior mechanics of the car such as brakes, suspension, exterior lights and mirrors, fuel system, tires and vehicle's frame and body.

PA Emissions Inspection

Emissions testing focuses on reducing toxic gases released into the environment by vehicles on the road. During your emissions inspection, our mechanics connect your car to a state-approved emissions testing computer which tests for hazardous emission levels.

State Inspection Results

If your car passes both safety and emission testing, inspection stickers are placed on the car for 1 calendar year. Cars can be inspected up to 3 months prior to expiration. If your car does not pass state inspection or emissions testing, we will provide a list of required repairs to pass state inspection and a VIR sheet with emission results.

If all repairs are completed within a 30-day period from time of inspection, your car can be re-inspected free of charge. After 30-days, a re-inspection fee will apply.

Required Documentation

Before coming to our inspection station make sure you bring the following required documentation.

Safety Inspection Requirements:

  • Valid vehicle registration card
  • Valid insurance card

Emissions Inspection Requirements:

  • Valid vehicle registration card
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