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The Right Tires at the Right Price

Get a smooth ride by finding the right tire for your car at a price that fits your budget. When buying tires it’s important to consider how and where you drive your car. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you drive mostly on local roads and highways?
  • Will you be driving off-road?
  • Will you be towing anything with the vehicle?

Lehigh Fleet Services sells all major tire brands that will fit your needs and budget.

Preferred Tire Brands

We sell Goodyear, Michelin, Cooper and more. Here is a list some of our preferred brands. If the brand you're looking for is not listed, don't worry. We can get just about anything you're looking for.

Tire Types

All-season tires are the most common because they are an all-purpose and deliver good performance throughout the year. Also, they have good tread-wear.

Winter tires have great traction in the snow and offer a comfortable drive but must be changed for the summer months. They don’t perform great on surfaces without snow.

Summer tires have great traction on dry and wet surfaces but don’t handle well in the snow.

Tire Size

When replacing a tire always replace with the manufacturers recommended size. Tire size can be found on the inside door frame of the car. The tire and load information provide the recommended tire inflation pressure and tire size. All four tires should be the same size to ensure a smooth ride. Mismatched tires can create an uneven distribution of pressure and may cause pulling to one side.

Tire Repair

If your tire is leaking air, you may have picked up a nail or something that punctured the tire. It can be repaired by either a plug and/or patch.

  • A plug is a tire repair from the outside of the tire. Once the nail is removed, a plug is placed in the hole to seal the leak.
  • A patch is a tire repair where the tire is removed from the wheel and patched from the inside of the tire for a better seal.

Tire Rotation

As you drive each tire on the car supports a different amount of weight which causes each tire to have different tread wear. Tire rotation is recommended at intervals of every 5,000 – 8,000 miles or every other oil change depending on your driving habits. When tires are rotated, the fronts are rotated to the back on a diagonal and the back tires move to the front diagonally.

Tire Balance

Tire balance like the rotation is just one more way to extend the life of your tire and minimize uneven tread wear. If tires and the steering wheel vibrate excessively then your tires are most likely out of balance.

Lehigh Fleet Services is here to smooth out your ride. Schedule an appointment or walk-in to have us balance and rotate your tires. Click here to learn how maintaining proper tire pressure can help you save fuel and money. Read our tips on checking and inflating your tires to the recommended level for optimal fuel efficiency.


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